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New vision for district nursing

A new vision and service model for district nursing has been published today.
To quote the Department of Health, ‘This vision builds on ‘Compassion in Practice’, the national vision for nurses midwives and care staff. It was developed by a strategic partnership of the Department of Health, NHS Commissioning Board Authority, The Queen’s Nursing Institute, and with the district nurse leaders and practitioners’

It proposes a new district nursing model, comprising:

Population and case load management: Caseload management and providing population interventions to improve community health and wellbeing. Surveillance of caseload and local population needs. Working with partners for health protection and improvement for adults and their carers, at home and in other community settings.

Support and care for patients who are unwell, recovering at home and at end of life: Responding when specific expert health intervention is needed e.g. with short-term health issues, or sudden health crises or when patients are discharged from hospital, or have a sudden deterioration in a health condition. Providing interventions within the home including chemotherapy and intravenous therapy. Working with community specialist nurses including community matrons, to deliver specialist care including palliative and end of life care.

Support and care for independence: Leading and prioritising supportive care to help wellbeing and independence including advice on ‘assistive technology’ such as telehealth and telecare, working with patients and their families to help them care for themselves. Leading and co-ordinating care in partnership with health and social care, other agencies and specialist services. Working together with patients to deal with more complex issues over a period of time

Care in local communities: a new vision and model for district nursing [pdf]